Personal Training

Big Bass Dreams – We all have them. Myself included. I have Big Bass Dreams. Really BIG BASS dreams. I’m excited to share with you some unique experiences on the water through some personal training, philosophy, and theory, chasing bass so big people scream “Photoshop!”

The learning experience started when I was 10 years old. That’s when I saw my first swimbait and the local trophy hunters catching monster fish. The desire to land a giant was there since the beginning, however it was a steep learning curve going from dreaming about catching the fish of a lifetime to actually making it a reality. I’d like to help you live some of the incredible fishing experiences I’ve been fortunate to live, and that’s through one on one PERSONAL training. You’ll get over 23 years of on the water experience with various techniques, from finesse fishing to giant swimbaits and you’ll learn how we tie it all together to piece the wonderful puzzle that is bass fishing.

Nobody has ever been born an expert in anything, every pro was once an amateur, every expert was once a beginner, so DREAM BIG and start now. The day we think we know it all and stop learning, the day we fail to grow as both people and fishermen. Several types of personal training are available, from the beginning recreational angler to the most dedicated trophy bass fishermen. Lures, Rods & Reels are provided for all personal training sessions.

Basic Bass Fishing

This is the perfect entry level course if you’re new to this great sport. Basic concepts, strategy, patterning, casting, technical tips are the key focus points on the water. Building blocks to build your skills upon. Standard lures and traditional techniques will be the key points of emphasis.

Intermediate Bass Fishing

A great follow up instructional course for those looking to move into fishing into a bass boat full time. Boat positioning, trolling motor control, basic use of electronics to locate and target fish are the key focus of this session. A great setup for the more advanced trophy angler techniques.

Basic Swimbaits

Basic big bait theory and application are the themes for this personal instruction. We will focus on some of the most crucial elements of big bait fishing for big bass – FOCUS, determination and mindset. I will coach you and provide you proven concepts that have worked for me successfully everywhere I’ve fished.

Advanced Swimbaits

This is a great follow up training session to basic swimbaits, with advanced techniques and strategies. Technical aspects of trophy fishing will be emphasized in this course.

We cannot promise you a giant fish on any of the personal training sessions on the water, but we can guarantee that you will leave with new insight that you can build upon to make the Big Bass Dreams we all have a reality. A great foundation to blazing your own trail as a bass fisherman.